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Littleton Metaphysical and Psychic Development 
 Littleton Metaphysics is a dedicated to the enlightenment of the soul and development of Intuitive abilities. These classes are intended to help others find inner peace, develop psychic abilities and realize the souls true purpose. Through Meditation, Psychic Gallery's, Chakra Balancing, Grounding and Protection Classes, Psychic Development Workshops, Spirit Communication, Angel Therapy, Spirit Guide Classes, Aura Cleansing, Spiritual Cleansing and many more classes and workshops.  Please join me if you would like to learn and grow in a safe, fun environment!
All classes are offered through online courses, in person or in a group setting with other students
Group Classes and Workshops
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Individual Online or In Person
Courses and Classes
Connecting to Spirit Guides
Everyone has Spirit Guides and Angels around them every day Guiding and Protecting them. During this class you will be introduced to your Spirit Guides and shown the tools to develop a solid relationship with them. You will learn how to recognize when they are trying to communicate with you through signs and feelings sensations. Also techniques for growing your communication with them. You will learn why you have guides , how they work with you and why they are here! This class was designed to teach you how to communicate with our spirit guides and build your own divine language with them.  You will receive the Connecting to spirit guides workbook and two one hour personal readings. 
Cost: $95.00

Spiritual Cleansing, Protection and Grounding Class
This class is all about teaching you to Spiritually Cleanse your self, Spiritually Protect your aura, body and energy and learn to spiritually Ground your self.  The importance on these techniques and the benefits will all be explained.  Also during the class you will be taught a Guided Meditation for understanding your life's purpose, and techniques for Spiritual Cleansing, Protection and Grounding. Combining these three key spiritual growth techniques can dramatically center and balance you. Allowing your energy and life to just flow better!  This class includes the workbook and a 30 minute personal reading.
Cost: $45.00

Mediumship Course
Mediumship, the ability to communicate with the spirits who have crossed over or passed on, those who no longer exist on the physical plane. The communication is by way of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.  Usually the spirits will have specific messages to be given and are known to the people who come for medium readings.  Mediums pass on messages from the spirit world or Heaven to people here on earth.  This course will teach you the basics for mastering your craft.  From developing your Psychic Gifts, Cleansing and Protection Techniques, Spirit Communication, Creating your own Spirit Language and Giving Medium Readings 101.  This course is designed for people who are able to hear or see spirit, but want to develop there gift further.  It consists of five 1 hour in person or phone sessions.You will receive the Mediumship Workbook and Spiritual Cleansing Kit with the class. 
Cost: $450.00

Psychic Development Course
Do you want to open up your psychic abilities?  Tap into your unlimited source of light and knowledge?  Heather believes that the light of divinity resides in us all just waiting to be awakened. You will learn Spiritual Cleansing, Protection, Grounding, Psychic Gifts, Gift order and techniques for developing them, Mediation, Visualization, Spirit Guide Communication, Chakra Balancing and much more.  This is an accelerated psychic development class that is designed for beginners and consists of five 1 hour in person or phone sessions.  You will receive the Psychic Development Workbook and Spiritual Cleansing Kit with the class. 
Cost: $450.00

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